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Vacancy: The Reckoning Project is hiring a new researchers

The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies is looking for researchers!

The project brings together Ukrainian and international journalists, lawyers, and analysts with experience in dealing with war crimes in Syria, Bosnia, Chechnya, and Rwanda. We are collecting testimonies of Russian crimes in Ukraine to build cases for courts and also preparing media projects for Ukrainian and foreign media outlets.

Key Team Members: American war correspondent Janine di Giovanni, researcher Peter Pomerantsev, and the team of the Laboratory of Journalism for Public Interest led by Natalia Humeniuk.


Collect and process evidence of Russia's crimes in Ukraine according to the project's methodology.


🔘 At least 3-5 years of journalistic experience.

🔘 Ability to work with complex topics and in conflict zones.

🔘 Willingness and ability to communicate with people who have experienced traumatic events.

🔘 High-level skills in information verification.

🔘 Willingness to work both on-site and conduct remote interviews and research.


🔘 Opportunity to work with Ukrainian and foreign professionals to seek justice for the victims of Russia's war against Ukraine.

🔘 Healthy professional relationships.

🔘 Collaboration with leading global experts in international justice and documenting war crimes.

🔘 Researchers will undergo training in the project's methodology, basic knowledge of documenting crimes against humanity, and trauma work.

To apply for the vacancy, please send your CV and cover letter to and before August 20, 2023. Please use the subject line "Researcher Vacancy: The Reckoning Project."


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