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Find out more about our current and past projects. For these projects, PIJL creates exclusive content including documentaries, podcasts, multimedia stories, etc.

The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies

We combine the power of storytelling and legal accountability to fight for justice, safeguard rights, and restore truth in the face of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


Life in War

The multimedia project aimed at documenting the modern history of Ukraine against the backdrop of the Russian-Ukrainian war so that future generations and the world can better understand these events.

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A casual conversations podcast by Natalia Humenyuk and Angelina Kariakina with world intellectuals about Ukraine and Ukrainians during the war. Every week, Ukrainian journalists talk with their guests about how the country is opening up to the world and together they reflect on the tectonic shifts in the middle of Ukraine and how the war against Ukraine is changing the world.


Connecting continents

The Public Interest Journalism Laboratory invites journalists from Latin America, Africa and Asia to introduce Ukraine to their readers

Media Against Polarisation.
The Transatlantic Best Practises

Traveling through the United States in search of innovative media that renew public interest journalism models in the digital age

Журналістика громадського здоровʼя

У часи, коли люди «лікуються в Інтернеті», медіа можуть і мають допомагати громадянам ухвалювати засновані на фактах рішення стосовно власного здоров'я. Разом з Університетом Джонса Гопкінза ми розробили освітню програму спеціально для українських журналістів, яка допоможе глибше зрозуміти та краще працювати з цією темою.


Multimedia project initiated by the Public Interest Journalism Lab and NV magazine

Documentary multimedia project

Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence about the history of the 1990s, told by Ukrainians themselves
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The Murder of Gongadze

‘Who’s responsible for the murder of Georgiy Gongadze?’ is one of them.
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