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The Reckoning Project will showcase documentary films in London

Updated: Feb 14

On February 15, Natalka Gumenyuk will participate in the discussion panel The future of Ukraine. The discussion will focus on the future of Ukraine and the impact of the Russian war against Ukraine on European security and global democratic processes.

Also participating in the discussion will be:

Rory Finnin (Professor of Ukrainian Studies, University of Cambridge)

Christina Lamb (Chief Foreign Correspondent for The Sunday Times)

Pedro Serrano (EU Ambassador to the UK)

Melinda Simmons (British Ambassador to Ukraine until September 2023)

Thursday 15 February, 2024

18:30 - 20:00

Location: Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London

On February 16, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Institute London, we will show three documentary films by TRP Ukraine, dedicated to the themes of ecocide, life under occupation, and attacks on civilian objects. The event will premiere the documentary film "The Kakhovka Dam". After the screening, Natalka Gumenyuk will hold a Q/A session for the audience and talk about the project team's work in covering Russian war crimes in the second year of resistance to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Friday 16 February, 2024

19:00 - 20:30

Location: AUGB London, 154 Holland Park Avenue, London W11 4UH

Lost Paradise. Viktor Maruniak

In the occupied territories, Russia systematically persecutes active members of their communities, village and town heads, and local volunteers. Viktor Maruniak, the village head of Stara Zburivka in the Kherson region, shares memories of his illegal arrest and the brutal torture inflicted on him by Russian soldiers. Eventually, Viktor and his wife Katia managed to evacuate and find a peaceful place in Latvia, where they reminisce about the paradise lost due to the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine.

Film director: Roman Bondarchuk

The story of witnesses and survivors about the missile strike on the Kremenchuk "Amstor" shopping center. Surveillance camera recordings show a normal summer day at the shopping center around noon on June 27, 2022. Russia's strike on Kremenchuk was one of a series of deadly attacks on civilian objects, sending a clear message from the Kremlin: no place is safe.

Film directors: Nadiia Burdei, Lyuba Knorozok

The Kakhovka Dam

On June 6, Russians blew up the Kakhovka Dam in the Kherson region. Within eight hours, more than 50 villages and towns were submerged. Tens of thousands of people were affected by the disaster. Local ecologists, scientists from state institutions, and the General Prosecutor's Office joined efforts to investigate the Russian crime of ecocide. The story unfolds as Russia continues to shell the region, tries to kill investigators, and hides all evidence of this unprecedented environmental crime.

Authors: Anna Tsygyma, Hanna Mamonova


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