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The scariest days of my life. The book of The Reckoning Project reports is releasing

On September 5th The Reckoning Project will release the book of reports titled "The Scariest Days of My Life", which was compiled by the researchers of in 2022. It documents Russian crimes and the stories of Ukrainians who lived through them.

Documenting Crimes in Real Time - Our Advantage. Over time, trauma suppresses painful memories along with crucial details. Overburdened with information, witnesses often start talking not about their own experiences but about what they read on social media or heard from neighbors. The sooner we speak with people, the more chances we have to get to the truth.

"This book is complex. It's a historical document, a concentration of suffering, but in modern Ukraine, one cannot escape from them. We need to know how to work with them and master them. The pain of loss, of course, does not fade quickly. However, verbalized history, the spoken experience, allows us to separate the horror from ourselves, to at least 'process' it a little and move forward," says Natalia Humeniuk, co-founder of The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies and editor of "The Scariest Days of My Life."

"The Scariest Days of My Life" will be released in collaboration with "Choven" Publishing House and the Public Interest Journalism Lab with the support of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.


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