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"The Voice of Crimea: Nariman Dzhelal" documentary has been released online

On May 18, 1944, the Soviet Union initiated genocide by deporting the Crimean Tatar people from their historical homeland. 79 years later, Russia continues to persecute and destroy the indigenous inhabitants of Crimea, fabricating accusations and imprisoning activists, businessmen, religious leaders, and ordinary Crimean Tatars.

On this day, the "The Voice of Crimea: Nariman Dzhelal" documentary was released on the UKRAINSKA PRAVDA YouTube channel. Nariman was one of the few voices from Crimea through which we learned the truth about life on the temporarily occupied peninsula. In September 2022, the so-called court of the occupation authorities in Crimea sentenced him to 17 years of imprisonment.

The film features Nariman's wife, Leviza, close friends, and activists of the Crimean Tatar national movement, including Lemar Yunusov, Yusuf Kurkchi, Elmaz Akimova, and Zair Smedlyaev.


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