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Why Freedom Matters More Than Everything? Timothy Snyder's speech at the Book Arsenal focus top

On June 23, American historian, professor at Yale University, and researcher of the history of Central and Eastern European countries, Timothy Snyder, spoke at the Book Arsenal as part of the focus topic "When Everything Matters."

For centuries, Ukrainians have fought against various types of prohibitions, and now they give their lives to defend themselves from enslavement. For people held in captivity, for townspeople and villagers who find themselves under occupation, freedom is not just an idea but something tangible. However, in post-authoritarian societies, discussions about freedom often revolve around "freedom from," and the debates focus on the choice between freedom and security. But why are these things mutually exclusive rather than interdependent? The defense of Ukraine's borders proves that only a secure territory can be a space of freedom. Ukrainian society also demonstrates the practical effectiveness of freedom. Could such an interpretation be unifying for the modern world?


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